Constant cravings

One of the hardest things to deal with in regards to food is emotional eating. For the past 2 weeks, the hubby and I have been on a “diet” — basically, eating select foods from a list in my PCOS Workbook (which is a great guide for anybody with PCOS or just insulin resistance in general — with regards to diet, exercise and supplements). We have been doing a pretty good job of sticking to the meal plans, but then Valentine’s day rolled around and we fell off the proverbial wagon.

I’m writing here today to remind myself that falling off the wagon does NOT mean that I’m not allowed back on. The wagon did not forcefully eject me, and has not banned me from hopping back on. Just like riding a bike (or a horse) — just get back on and try again. The problem I’ve noticed with getting back on the wagon, are the cravings that come along with what you choose to eat during the moment(s) of weakness. In this case, we have a yearly tradition of getting the heart-shaped ice cream cake from coldstone. It is extremely divine, and worth every damn penny. But once it was gone, I found myself craving sugar from any source I could find it. I tried to sub in some sugar free candies, which just mess up my digestive system. So, after a weekend of falling, and being steamrolled by the wagon, I am now firmly planted back in my assigned spot.

This article about food cravings really helps to explain that a craving is not necessarily a lack of willpower, or some kind of personal flaw/weakness. Cravings are generally tied to health issues like hormonal imbalances. In my case, I know this to be true. PCOS has a hold on my hormones and is wreaking havoc on my whole system, including these cravings.

I noticed during the 2 weeks of the diet, not only did we both lose weight (I lost about 5-7 pounds while the hubby lost about 10), but I was also not having a substantial amount of cravings. I was eating enough to feel full, and when I did have a craving, I would have a piece of fruit, a fiber bar, or some trail mix. I didn’t need to go buy a big bag of chocolate to tide me over. It was easier to stay away from it once it was gone.

So, Valentine’s Day… somehow turned into an entire 4-day weekend of bad decisions. While I do feel having a “cheat day” once in awhile is a good reward system, obviously and entire long weekend of poor eating habits can hamper any progress you’ve made.

Today I am here, on the wagon, hoping to see all of you with welcoming arms and hearts. I know my mistakes, I own them, but I’m going to walk away from this a little wiser to what “cheating” really means. It’s a chain reaction. If I can learn to stop after one cheat-treat, I would be fine. In the future, I need to find cheats that are somewhat healthier and trick my system into believing nothing has changed. I don’t want to be emotionally tied to sugar my entire life, but the last two weeks have shown me that I don’t have to be. Eating better gradually makes those cravings fade away — I just need to not allow any ‘special occasion’ to come along and push me off course.

On another note — my average blood glucose level has dropped significantly as a result of our meal planning, and as this is my main goal right now, I still feel like I’m out ahead of this thing. I’ll never give up.

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One Response to "Constant cravings"

  • Even after the weekend I didn’t really gain any weight back. Still on track, as long as we jump back on and keep trucking.

    1 Hubbityhubhub said this (February 18, 2014 at 12:03 pm)