Clearing the dust

I may not have accomplished everything I had hoped to this weekend, but I did enough that I feel good about it. Got some walking in, and a bit of cleaning.

While I was cleaning, I recognized a big flaw in how I’m managing the things I decide to keep vs. throw away. While trying to sort/organize all the bins in my craft room, I came across a sticker somebody gave me *20* years ago. Alongside it, I found pictures of friends I haven’t spoken to in almost as long. While some of them were cool people who I wouldn’t mind knowing how they’re doing these days, none of them are really consequential to my life at this point. Even if they remembered me (which is a big if – it seems I only remember them when I’m taking a trip down memory cleaning-time lane) they would be completely different people now – just as I am. Why have I been holding onto these momentos of a time in my life that doesn’t matter?

My inner hoarder was screaming at me as I did so, but I threw a bunch of that stuff away. Picture of me & the guy who took me on a road trip and LEFT me without transportation/a way home in Canada? Trash. Index file ID card for my 7th grade buddy who moved away ages ago? (no idea how/why I got ahold of the rolodex from the office, but hey…) Trash. So many other memories that just make me think too much about things that don’t matter? All trash. While I probably could have thrown away a lot more (I kept the 20 year old sticker – what can I say, I like stickers) I think clearing out things I thought I needed to keep is a big step in de-cluttering my life, and preventing any hoarder tendencies from further developing. (Bonus point: Found a lot of really cool stuff for my vision board!)

I feel like this is a good place for me to be right now – slowly moving through and discarding the muck of my past, and looking forward to making new and better memories in the future. Onward!

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