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As part of my “resolution” (I hesitate to use the word, as most people don’t stick to resolutions – it’s more of a journey) I wanted to start getting out of the house more. Since I work from home, I’m always here, and it’s easy to forget there’s a world out there full of interesting things to see and do and window shop for. Since we’re on a limited income with my hubby in school, retail therapy has been kind of out of the question. So, I decided this weekend would be bargain shopping time.

I don’t always find something when I go to the thrift store – so much of it is just nothing I’d need or ever use/enjoy. Nevertheless, it is fun to browse around and “window shop,” which fills my need for “retail therapy” even if I don’t buy something. This is very handy for so many reasons.

First, I’m getting out of the house. I hate to admit it, but I have literally gone a week or more without leaving the house at times. Anything that gets me out of the house is already better than sitting on my duff.

Second, I’m getting in some exercise. You may not think of shopping as exercise, but when all you do is sit around for most of your life, walking around the thrift store can be a sport! Lifting/bending/etc. and even just walking around, being mobile… it’s something that I don’t want to lose the ability to do, and so I feel this is a really important step.

Third, there is always the possibility of finding some really cool stuff. Whether it’s something we want to keep, gift, or re-sell, I love finding unique treasures. I always feel like certain items were placed there for me, and I’m just drawn to them.

For example, yesterday’s thrift store trip yielded this really awesome “pirate” chest – complete with whiskey decanters and shot glasses. Whoa. I had never seen anything like this. Apparently, they were made in Japan in the 70’s. I found evidence of several different variations on the interwebs (without the shot glasses, or with the shot glasses on either side instead of in front of the decanters). I was SO stoked. I love treasure chest type boxes and this one is pretty amazing.


Today’s trek involved several stops, and one pretty nice find. 15″ Vermont Teddy Bear “Mama’s Boy” — these little guys retail for $80, and ebay for $40+ even without the clothing. The only thing this guy needs is for his clothes to be washed up a bit, and his sunglasses are missing. I’m not sure yet if he will be a keep/gift/sell. Either way, I’m enjoying finding bargains, and the possibility of making a few bucks from my thrift store crawl.

I was pretty stoked about this find, but I feel today’s overall accomplishment was all the walking. We found several thrift/bargain shops and stopped at a couple. One was pretty huge, and PACKED with all kinds of junk. Pretty literally, most of it was just junk. Huge bins filled with power cords, remotes, controllers, etc. Tools, dishes, all kinds of weird knick knacks… several guitars and other instruments. There were also some really cool things, like pewter dragons and unicorns, and a kick ass sword. Nothing was really labeled, and the owner is Korean – her English isn’t all that great so it was hard to try and make a deal. We decided to pass on anything for now, but when we have a few more bucks we may go back again.

It was nice just to be out. I’m kind of embarrassed really, to admit that just leaving the house is an accomplishment. But it’s a step in the right direction. I’m trying to pull myself out of this dark cloud and see the beautiful scenery beyond.

My theme for the new year is “To live like a normal human being” – may sound weird, but nothing in my life feels normal. I stay up late doing absolutely nothing, I have a hard time sleeping, I never leave the house, I don’t eat at any normal times (which is horrible for my blood glucose/diabetes) and I have found myself being very forgetful. The past year just flew by and I hardly felt like I even lived it. I am trying to focus more on positive thinking, because even when times suck, I believe the balance of life will bring us the good bits when we’re most in need.

Signing off for now. I hope to talk more about my goals soon. I think putting them out into the world will help me achieve them more easily. J


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